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Making Education Accessible to All

Imagine a world where every child has equal access to education. Imagine how we could educate, empower and inspire our youth to create a better world than what we started with.

Helping Kids Get A Better Education

In the US and around the world, Equal Learning Fund works to support those most vulnerable with their educational needs. With our base in California, we are currently working with various partners across the state to help bridge the socioeconomic gap created by financial hardships and a lack of funding. 

Our purpose is to: 

  • Provide funding to educational institutes, programs, and individuals in need of additional support.
  • Aid children/young adults with funding for tutors, courses, and programs to enhance their educational experience.
  • Provide supplies directly to teachers and students in need.
  • Increase community awareness through educational platforms.

Quick Tips for Reading with Your Child

Click this link to download a free copy of our reading guide.

Our Corporate Partners

Our Community Partners

Equal Learning Fund is proud to partner with youth homeless shelters, school programs, and underserved communities. We work with each of our partners to provide kids with educational support and additional learning opportunities.  

Our Educational Partners

Equal Learning Fund partners with educational programs to ensure youth have access to quality learning when they need it most.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Kylie French - Mercy Housing

"Working with Equal Learning Fund has provided some of the most encouraging highlights as I hear accounts of young people feeling supported and prepared to head into a new school year. We could not accomplish this important work without the partnership of caring partners like you. Thank you for being part of our mission. Together we are creating more vibrant, healthy communities."

Kellen Sarver - Raphael House

"The Back to School Giveaway was a huge success! The kids and parents were so grateful to receive the backpacks and supplies. On behalf of Raphael House and the families that we serve, thank you so much!"

Steve Rodriguez - The Zone Program

"The kids from our Zone Afterschool Program really enjoyed the Storytelling event we held and look forward to holding it again. The books provided were amazing and the kids had fun with the readers asking and answering questions. The storytellers were amazing. We are truly grateful for the support you give to this program. Thank you!"

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